My favorite personal home remodel that my husband has done to our home is our 3-season room. This room has been utilized in so many ways. It acts as my husband’s office, my greenhouse and a place to gather to watch the spring thunderstorms. In this blog I hope to highlight how 3 and 4 season rooms can benefit your home.
What is the Difference?
Understanding the difference in a 3 season room and a 4 season will help you decide which room will fit you and your families needs. A 4-season room has a permanent heating and cooling system. Banks and mortgage companies consider this additional living space when being appraised. If you would like a 3 season room there are options you can add later to add heat and cooling to your room so you can enjoy it all 4 seasons. We have added a wood-burning stove to our 3-season room. We also have a portable air conditioning unit for the heat of the summer. A fireplace can be added for heat and aesthetics. Typically 3 and 4 season rooms have sliding glass doors, French doors, or atrium doors. They also tend to have floor to ceiling windows to add more light and viewing. All of these add light and give the effect of being outdoors without the bugs or weather effecting your enjoyment. Flooring can vary in these season rooms depending on how the homeowner is planning on using the room. We personally went with a tile floor as I had planned on using it for plants. Some have even considered heated flooring to help in the winter months. When choosing a 3 or 4 season room think long term of how this room will grow with your family. As mentioned above our 3-season room has many different uses. The additional living space is by far the biggest benefit to our family. My husband loves the outdoors and having an office where he can enjoy the view while working is a bonus. He shares the space with my plants giving him more of a sense of being outdoors. If the weather keeps us from being outside, we can still enjoy the beauty from the 3-season room. I cannot explain how cozy it is to sit by the wood stove and watch the snow fall or enjoy a cup of hot tea and watch a thunderstorm from the safety of our 3-season room.Having a luncheon with the girls with out the bugs is another benefit to a 3 or 4 season room. The beauty of this room is always a hit with the ladies. No matter the weather hot or cold you can enjoy the sunshine in this room.
In blogs of past I have mentioned ways to expand your living space. A 3 or 4 season room can help with the additional living space while adding to the value of your home. CH Construction is always available to help with any question or suggestion you might have on your home improvement projects.