Spring Home Maintenance Check List

CH Construction wanted to provide you with an easy to print off list for your spring home maintenance.  If you have any questions of would like our assistance in inspecting your home, please give Brandt a call.   Click on this link to download our PDF file; Spring Home Maintenance List

Roof & Gutters

_   Check damaged or loose roof shingles

_   Clean out gutters

_   Clean and inspect chimney

_   Check round the foundation for cracks or damage


_  Check for loose boards and replace if needed

_  Check missing nails or screws and replace if needed

_  Inspect for wood rot on post, underneath on the joist and in between boards

Replace any damaged boards

Windows. Doors & Siding

_  Inspect caulking around windows & doors for cracked or missing caulk, repair if needed

_  Check weather stripping around the doors, replace if needed

_  Look for wood rot or damage around doors and windows, repair if needed

_  Check siding for damage, wear or wood rot

Inside the Home

_  Change the A/C filter

_  Vacuum and clean the heating and cooling vents

_  Change the batteries on you smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors.

_  Check the attic for any leaks over the winter