Recently I came across some information that I would like to share with the readers of this blog. Even if this information does not apply to you, you may be able to share it with others. Both Kansas and Missouri offer home remodeling assistance to those with low income. There are several different programs for homeowners and for those who rent.


In the state of Missouri there is a program called . This program offers homeowners that meet the low to moderate-income requirements funding for home repairs. These homeowners must live in non-metropolitan areas. You will need to check the website and contact the agency to see if your town is eligible.


The residents of Kansas City, Missouri (Jackson, Clay and Platte counties) could be eligible for home repair assistance also. The offers homeowners that meet the low-income requirements. They offer to help with urgent repairs for plumbing, main water line (which may include branch lines and water heater), sewer, electrical and furnace.
The homeowners of Shawnee, Kansas could receive assistance on home repairs. The program “” consists of volunteers that come to the help of homeowners. Their focus is helping the elderly, disable and economically disadvantaged. On their website is an email address to contact for an application.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers loans and grants to those who need home repairs. As I navigated around the HUD website I will admit it was like chasing my tail. I’m linking the page that I found to be the most helpful. It specifically list towns that have assistance programs. Like the other programs a homeowner will need to meet the low financial requirement.
Last but not least, the offers loans and grants for those who meet the financial requirements. They offer loans up to $20,000 and grants up to $7,500. There are certain terms to be met and it is important as it is with any application, read the details and contingency of any loan or grant. Most of these grants or loans are for urgent home repairs. So you probably won’t be using the money to build an outdoor environment. Although, it might help you fix a leaky roof or replace the furnace. If you have any questions concerning home repairs please contact us at CH Construction.